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If a picture paints a thousands words imagine what twenty five frames a second can do! Every video and animation by our animation makers and video makersĀ  helps illustrate the story behind a brand, product or service through the magic of motion.

Custom process

We will include you into our creative process using multiple steps. Or leave it all to us if you prefer.

Reach the right target audience

You determine the content of your story. The parts you want the viewer to notice or get captivated by.

Unique personality

Together we will research which technique and style work best to communicate your story. If you already have a corporate identity we

Different techniques

We stay up-to-date with the latest techniques so we can realize every creative idea the best way possible.

Animation Makers,Video Makers

Nothing grabs attention like a moving image and there has never been a better time to look at motion as a way to create a point of interest with your customers.Get your brands attention getter by our professional animation makers and video makers. Once the prevail of hyper expensive and specialist animation studios, motion graphics and video have now become an affordable option for small to medium sized organizations.

Animation makers, Video Makers have made Motion graphics, digital video and animation much more accessible to majority audiences. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram along with most other social media platforms now have some form of support for video or animation.

All current generation web browsers also support native video and it is this convergence of technologies and social change that has created a new age for digital video.

Corporate videos By Our Video Makers

From concept and development to production and promotion, our video makers, animation makers know how to deliver your key messages for maximum impact and clarity.

Digital video can take many forms and styles, animated typography, illustrated info graphics, character animation, 3D work and location shoot video filming.

Using a specific style or a combined approach of illustration, footage and motion graphics we can breathe life into a subject and tell its story in a compelling way.

The beauty of motion is that is can be art directed in many ways so that it can meet a budget expectation, from a small informative typography based animation to a 3D and live action video masterpiece. Our service is accessible to brands big and small.

Integrating branded video content

From cute website animations to location filming and 3D, Our video makers and animation makers have taken an integrated approach to motion video. Our video experiences and content are crafted with care alongside our brand and web development teams so that every video complements and supports all other work we may be doing.

Story to storyboard, location to narration

A great video experience has a great narrative thread running through. From the beginning, middle and end, we can help with this. We storyboard, script write, cast presenters or voice over artists, art direct video shoots, edit, title and handle all post production processes.

Here at 4Slash we get all animated about motion

We make intelligent info graphics, magical marketing videos and sparkling special effects.